Den senaste förhandsversionen av OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion finns nu att ladda ned från Apples webbplats för registrerade utvecklare. Mountain Lion Developer Preview 3 som har det interna versionsnumret 12A178q innehåller enligt Apple en rad buggfixar kring hanteringen av FileVault.

I det medföljande supportdokumentet meddelar Apple att den senaste versionen av följande kända problem:

  • On systems with FileVault enabled, canceling the restart to the Mountain Lion Developer Preview 3 Installer may leave your system unable to present a password dialog at boot time. You can repair the problem by holding down command-R to boot to the Recovery OS and then using Disk Utility to unlock and Repair your volume.
  • Installing OS X 10.8 over 10.7.2 or earlier with FileVault turned on may fail
  • Pre-Lion FileVault user accounts are not supported in this Developer Preview
  • Some Apple menu items such as Restart may not work when a sandboxed app is in the foreground
  • iTunes no longer syncs Notes
  • Mail's photo browser cannot access the iPhoto library
  • Back to My Mac doesn't work for the first 5 minutes after rebooting
  • DVD Player may not launch after inserting a DVD on some systems
  • Most help topics are unavailable in this Developer Preview
  • In the Recovery HD:
    - Some icons may be missing
    - Network Utility's Lookup pane does not work
    - Time Machine restoration via a AFP share does not work
    - Restoring from a Time Machine backup via AFP does not work
  • Migration from a Time Machine backup that excludes paths such as /System may yield an unusable system
  • Brightness settings may change unexpectedly after reboot
  • Display brightness may be dim after sleep or reboot
  • If Mail is hidden at logout time, it may not be correctly relaunched during a subsequent login but will appear to be running
  • Java applets may not work in Safari
  • QuickTime screen recordings may produce corrupted videos or cause an exception when run on machines with NVDIA graphics

I skrivande stund är det fortfarande okänt om den senaste versionen av Mountain Lion erbjuder några nya funktioner. Apple passade i går dessutom på att släppa uppdaterade testversioner av utvecklingsverktyget Xcode 4.4 och webbläsaren Safari 5.2.

Den färdiga versionen av OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion kommer enligt Apples att släppas någon gång i sommar.